Mr & Mrs Vickers

In these sad times when shoddy workmanship and poor value for money are so common-place, Mulberry take great pride in sharing with you the happy experiences of Karla And Bernard Vickers who placed their supreme trust in Mulberry by allowing us to install their new kitchen whilst they holidayed in Australia.

Before I arrived with the photographer at their home, Karla took the time to write down her thoughts and impressions of Mulberry Kitchens which are as follows;

"I wanted my kitchen to be both a working and living area as well as providing a dining facility. The decor was to be light and pleasing to the eye, the cooking appliances to be of high standard and ergonomically successful. Easy maintenance was a priority.

The team of Mulberry Kitchens responded to my requirements and employed considerable expertise to produce a pleasing result. It is welcoming - in keeping with the house.

We appreciated their imaginative and practical approach - a lowered hob area for a diminutive cook plus a token piece of granite!

I feel very lucky and give Mulberry full marks - 10 out of 10 and, if anyone asks me about a new kitchen I know where I'll send them."

I can honestly say that when I saw this kitchen for the first time I was stunned by the colour scheme - summed up entirely by Karla when she said "This is so restful, on a sunny day this becomes my morning room."

For undoubted quality of product and workmanship you CAN trust Mulberry - ask Mr & Mrs Vickers, they did!