Mr & Mrs Thomas, East yorkshire

Tumbled marble and black granite combined with a wonderful natural stone floor and warm cherry doors have been brought together to create a marvellous relaxing oasis in an otherwise busy country house.

Deena loves the De Dietrich split-level appliances - 2 ovens, each with a grill, under which are mounted the side-by-side steam oven and microwave. Every type of cookery at the fingertips - without having to bend down - lovely.

Interestingly, Barry's favourite part of the kitchen is the huge 5 zone induction hob and Deena's is the waste disposal! I loved their Miele integrated coffee machine with its own little sink and tap so, no agreement here.

This month our quote is from Barry, a man who doesn't waste his words.

"It works well"

We think it LOOKS well too!