Mr & Mrs Smith, West Hull

Today we celebrate the use of colour and light in the kitchen. Hot raspberry and cool grey - black and white - stainless steel and glass - up-lighting and down-lighting - yes, a bold triumph of texture and hue.

Following the building of their new extension, we maximised the natural light by the reflective use of satin white doors on the wall cabinetry and tall appliance housings. This enabled strong colours to be used to their advantage without appearing drab. The contrasting natural oak of the base units provided comfortable warmth to balance the cool white.

Varied shades of grey in the marbled worktops are so complimentary to the stainless steel of the sink and the Neff appliances - even the handles come to life.

That done, we hand over the interior decorating to the artistic Mrs Smith (even created her own paintings and ornamentations to compliment her new kitchen) who in return provided the following testimonial;

"We are delighted with the whole package - the standard of fitting was superb - I would definitely recommend Mulberry"

We would recommend you too - lovely brushwork!