Mr & Mrs Senior - Emma's kitchen

Our Clients Mr and Mrs Senior, have a very special daughter called Emma, she is 9 years old, long legs like her Dad, and, although confined to a wheelchair, she never stops smiling

The brief was to design a stylish dining kitchen around Emma's very particular needs for safety and ease of access. For comfort, there are no sharp projections - instead we have provided curved doors to soften all corners. The bank of Neff ovens are set back from the main run of work surfaces for safety and the solid dining table has been set at precisely the correct height for Emma's wheelchair. Naturally the shape and size of the island with it's gorgeous green granite was calculated to maximise access from all sides.

Mark and Cathy said, "It's been a really good exercise. This has all been made with Emma in mind and we are ecstatic with the way everything came together. John at Mulberry was very helpful, spending so much time giving advice. Keith our fitter was great - they were all great - always asking our opinion before they did anything, always cleaning up every night. We love the floor and wall tiling and the Neff coffee machine make such good coffee."